Cooperative Security :

A company making available reliable services to its customers. 

                           Cooperative Security :

A company providing tailored services to specific needs with confidence, discretion and discipline.





Cooperative Security : Company of services interested in:   

·        The security of the working conditions of your equipments


·        The security of your products


·        The security of your personnel and clients


·        The protection of the environment




Cooperative Security insists in keeping an open line of communication with its clients with regular sites visits by a responsible person to its various clients to always improve in a constant manner the quality of its services adapted to your needs.



 Cooperative Security recruitment is oriented towards learning and training in the field of security; towards engineering schools regarding industrial security and the protection of the environment.  Our potential candidates most have experience in that sector.

To ensure the quality of its work, Cooperative Security holds its managing personnel to higher standards by making them fully responsible of their work.


Cooperative Security, a security company, made a choice of becoming your partner of high quality to provide you total tranquility.  It is with the later understanding that we built our philosophy in the spirit of partnership and confidence.



 The evolution of Cooperative Security is funded on the satisfaction and fidelity of its clients.  For that reason one of our quality personnel is always ready to regularly visit your site to make sure that our mission and goal towards you, our client, is respected and our responsibilities are well performed beyond your expectations.


Our clients have a complete right to bring about suggestions to improve our services.  This is accomplishes through a logbook provided by Cooperative Security to each site.



 Our collaborators have more than ten years of experience in security services, the industrial sector, distribution or transportation and so forth. 

In that regard we are introducing:


E. Leclerc Quick


My partner and I, we have over twenty years of security experience combined together.


In our team we have a leader in the security of S. S. I. A. P. 3

A graduated agent in the services of fire prevention and management and assistance to individuals as described in the 02 May 2005 requirements.


For your concerns, our team will find the best solutions to your particular needs.